Jim Currah began his thermal management career in 1992, working for International Electronics Research Corporation (IERC), located in Burbank, CA. At the time, Intel had just released the 486 microprocessor and the sleepy industry of thermal management in the US was hit with unprecedented new demand.

As the industry developed, and the race to add US based manufacturing capability and capacity was on, Jim designed microprocessor, graphics card, and memory module thermal solutions for Apple, Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP, and many other PC suppliers that no longer exist, such as Gateway, ALR, AST, AT&T, and others. IERC had a very simple clip solution that attached the heatsink to a ceramic chip, and this clip became an industry standard, giving Jim a bird’s eye view of a rapidly growing industry. These relationships were developed over a decade where Jim moved in to sales and business development positions with Wakefield Engineering, and Aavid Thermal Technologies. His geographic and market knowledge increased considerably in this formative time. After the telecommunications industry crash in 2001, much of the US based demand and manufacturing support for thermal solutions moved to Asia. At this time, Jim’s market focus transitioned to high end servers, networking, power electronics, alternative energy, LED lighting, and automotive thermal applications. Supply chain management took on more importance at this time, where Jim managed large logistics operations, in the US, Europe and Asia, for just in time delivery programs for strategic customers.

In January of 2008, Jim joined Thermshield, LLC, based in Gilford, NH, as a partner with Tom and Colleen Garrity, and Christopher Soule, where he became Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Then in March of 2011, he joined Niagara Thermal Products (NTP), based in Niagara Falls, NY, after its acquisition of Thermshield, LLC. Jim was made Vice President of Sales, commercial electronics cooling and was also made a member of the board of NTP. In December of that same year, NTP also closed on its purchase of J. Kittredge and Sons, based in Hudson, MA. Niagara’s core business was vacuum brazed bar and plate heat exchangers supplied to the commercial aviation and military and aerospace markets, and J. Kittredge’s core business was heavily machined, dip brazed, thermal chassis used in military applications.

In February of 2012, Jim assumed global sales responsibility for all three divisions of Niagara Thermal products where he significantly increased his overall market knowledge and experience by adding commercial aviation, aerospace, and defense to his overall responsibilities. Finally, when NTP was sold to Audax, the private equity owner of Aavid in January 2016, Jim decided to venture out and start his own business, based in Charlotte, NC. Welcome to CurrahTech, LLC!