Thermal management is at the core of CurrahTech, LLC. By focusing on system, board, and component level thermal mechanical optimization, CurrahTech, LLC gains critical insight into the broader technical needs of its customers.

In the generic example shown, the CFD (computational fluid dynamic) analysis allows CurrahTech, LLC to broaden the customer solution dialog beyond the thermal application itself. The modeling tools used to design thermal solutions also shows customer demand for a chassis, fan, printed circuit board, attachment hardware and standoffs, board and chassis mounted connectors, and other I/O components. It is simple enough to imagine other applications that would also show the need for displays, switches, power supplies, plastics, and many other product lines.

CurrahTech, LLC will use its extensive thermal applications experience to create demand, for heavily engineered components and subsystem suppliers, in the states of North and South Carolina, as a manufacturer’s representative. We will also use our global sourcing and logistics relationships to supply customers directly with custom mechanical components and value added subassemblies using machined, cast, stamped and sheet metal in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

A manufacturer's representative firm covering North and South Carolina.